If you run a building that has an HVAC system, you need a reliable technician on hand too. HVAC systems require regular and careful maintenance as well as immediate repairs if an emergency arises. From boilers breaking to air conditioning glitching, those mechanical problems need solving fast! But it rarely makes sense to hire someone in-house to tend to your HVAC systems, so instead HVAC maintenance businesses become a core service. Having a trusted HVAC technician on call can be the difference between success and a disaster for your business. But how do you know if you’re choosing the right technician for you and your business? Well, today we wanted to share a few things to look for in your HVAC technician.


One of the very first things you should ask your HVAC technician is what kind of qualifications, accreditations and licenses they hold. Companies who have earned qualifications from professional licensing bodies have proven they are knowledgeable and skilled, so you can move forward with some peace of mind. After all, HVAC maintenance is a complex skill, and both the company and their employees need to have the expertise and knowledge to do so safely. If you choose a technician who doesn’t, you’re exposing yourself and your customers to safety risks, as well as opening yourself up to legal responsibility.


Beyond qualifications, you want to find a company with experience in managing and maintaining HVAC systems. You want to select a HVAC technician who has practical experience in the field. This separates knowing the theory of maintenance from the practical skill of doing it. An experienced technician will have come across all sorts of problems, and have some creative solutions for them too!

Integrated Approach

HVAC systems aren’t the only things within a building, and they shouldn’t be treated as a standalone system. The internal workings of a building are complex and often closely integrated – your HVAC, fire systems, intruder alarms, access control – all of it is interconnected. So when you’re looking for someone to maintain your HVAC system you want someone who can look at it in the context of the other systems in the building. Not only will this ensure that they are all well maintained, but that they are all working in harmony together.

Corporate Responsibility

This is something a lot of businesses may not think about, but you should also look at how your technician approaches corporate social responsibility. It’s important to choose a contractor who shares your values, and who you can rely on to help you take proactive steps to reduce your global impact. For example, at Bonus Eventus Maintenance we are very proud of our commitment to the environment, and helping our clients achieve carbon neutrality in all of their buildings.

Above all – don’t buy just on price. Speak wot a couple of different contractors about their approach and find someone who ticks all of the boxes. Be flexible with your budget where you can, because spending a little more on the right HVAC technician can save you thousands in the long run. Not to mention all of the time and stress they can help you avoid too!

At Bonus Eventus Maintenance we see ourselves as a holistic HVAC maintenance. While we specialise in regular maintenance and repairs of HVAC systems, we can also manage your wider building systems, providing a one stop shop for all of your building maintenance requirements. If you would like to know more about what to look for in a HVAC technician, or our approach to buildings maintenance, just get in touch with the team today.