Bonus Eventus – lat. /’bəʊnəs ‘eventus/ / [A good outcome]

A Good Outcome For Our Clients

Our business is built on customer satisfaction, and we are relentless in achieving it. We repair what other tradesmen refused or failed to, turn up when other providers can’t, report accurately and advise promptly and thoroughly so that we can save our customers money and, more importantly, time. All our PPM rates are based on time allocated for each asset, and our engineers are dedicated to filling that time 100% with their attention. We value our client’s assets and maintain and care for them as if they were our own.

In short, we are attentive, caring and proactive.

Our customers can enjoy a super-fast, unique service from us, with every phone call answered, emails responded to in minutes, 24/7 callouts by qualified engineers and a direct line to your own contract manager. We are proud to have an incredibly low staff turnover, so you can be sure you’ll speak to someone familiar each time you get in touch.

A Good Outcome For Our People

Every single person who works for Bonus Eventus Maintenance, whether they’re in the office, an engineer on the road or a contractor supporting our work, is family. We maintain a personal touch with every employee and ensure we take care of everyone’s personal, mental, and physical wellbeing as a priority. So much so that in 10 years, only 2 people have left our business! Keeping that caring, family dynamic is very important to us, and we believe this is the key to our success and what fuels our growth.

A Good Outcome For The Planet

We are always looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact in both our own business and our client’s HVAC systems. We are committed to being one of the first and best at creating zero carbon buildings, and we are one of the first maintenance companies in London to use only electric vehicles, and we’re expanding our electric fleet all the time. By helping our clients understand the importance of reducing emissions, how to improve the efficiency of their dwellings and reducing our own carbon emissions, we can do our part to heal the environment.

To achieve all of this we’ve spent years investing in our team – their knowledge and skills – and our service. We’re determined to provide excellent customer service and keep everyone who interacts with our business happy. So, if you want a good outcome – or even 3 – Bonus Eventus Maintenance is the way forward.