If you run a commercial HVAC system, you will need to have it maintained. That’s not an optional extra – it’s an essential part of running such a system. If you don’t have regular maintenance checks, your system won’t last very long, with small issues turning into very big, very expensive problems that could result in you having to replace the whole system after just a year or two. So, you need maintenance. But what does that mean exactly, and what happens during an HVAC check?

Basic Tasks

Change Air Filters: To keep air flowing through the system and purifying properly, your filters need to be cleaned or changed regularly. Dirt and debris gather on them very quickly, especially if you carry out ‘dirty’ activities in your building like cooking, manufacturing or production. All of your filters will be changed for fresh ones as part of your check.

Visual Inspection: We will carry out a visual inspection of the whole system, looking for issues both big and small. This includes checking all the major and minor components of the HVAC system, pipes and appliances looking for signs that something may be wrong. A few warning signs would be disconnected pipes, rust, leaks, blockages or strange sounds.

Recalibration: While HVAC systems will run all year round, the demand placed on them can vary depending on the season. Recalibrating your HVAC system once in summer and again in winter is a good way to ensure you’re saving money, your system is running as efficiently as possible, and you’re not wearing parts for no reason.

Check & Clean Drainage Lines: Pretty much all HVAC systems will create water vapour, which needs to be funnelled out of the building to avoid structural damage. This is then collected as condensation in a tray, which over time can become the home to all sorts of bacteria, algae and mould and eventually lead to a blockage. Routine checks ad cleaning of your drainage lines keeps them flowing cleanly and protects the health of the people in the building.

Clean Evaporator & Condenser Coils: Your evaporator and condenser coils are exposed to the air that circulates through them while your system is running, and that air isn’t clean yet. This means all sorts of dirt and debris can build up, having a significant impact on their efficiency. Your maintenance check will include cleaning of both these elements.

Lubrication: There are moving parts in pretty much every HVAC system, though some do have less than others. Over time these can wear down and not work as efficiently. Ensuring all moving parts are lubricated and running smoothly keeps your system working for longer.

Comprehensive Checks

Safety Checks: This includes taking amperage readings, running a safety test on controls, checking all motors, testing for carbon monoxide and checking for leaks throughout the system. Safety checks are often when we discover something going wrong inside the system, and allow us to catch the small problems before they can become big ones.

Diagnostics: If we suspect something is wrong, or you’ve informed us of an issue, we will also run diagnostic tests on the system to see if we can locate and identify the problem. This could be something as simple as locating the leak in a pipe to diagnosing an electrical fault.

Repairs: If there are any broken or damaged elements, we can repair them when the damage is minimal. Damage only gets worse over time with HVAC systems, which is one of the reasons regular maintenance is so important. The big issues usually start as small things that can easily be repaired, which is exactly what we do.

Replacements: In the event a component can’t be repaired, we can replace it with a new one. This ensures your system has the right parts and is all working correctly, and will improve safety, efficiency and cost by some measure.

And a lot more besides! At Bonus Eventus Maintenance we tailor our maintenance packages to reflect what you need as a business. We can carry out monthly, quarterly or annual planned maintenance visits, as well as ad-hoc maintenance work if you have something that needs some attention. If you would like to know more about our maintenance packages or you just have a question, please get in touch with our team today.