Industrial units are generally quite hectic, jam-packed places. There is a lot going on and a lot to manage, and your ventilation is just one cog in that very big wheel. But depending on what your business does, it could be an important factor, or it could be absolutely critical (as it is with food manufacturing and solvent storage companies). Even if your workspace is occupied by people working at desks, you still need to ensure adequate ventilation and air quality for them on a daily basis. This is done through industrial ventilation units, installed into the bones of your building. But why bother investing in a high-quality ventilation system over a cheaper one?

Employee Health

One of the bigger reasons to invest in a decent industrial ventilation system is for the health of your employees, and anyone else who visits your premises. Proper ventilation improves air quality within the building, which is not only more pleasant to be in, but prevents health problems and reduces employee sickness rates. Poor air quality has been found to exacerbate certain health conditions like asthma and allergies, and can even cause significant damage to those who are already vulnerable. Good ventilation prevents all of that by providing high-quality air in the work environment.

Remove Fumes & Impurities

The main function of a ventilation system is to vent old air out and pull new air in. This removes any fumes and impurities that have been generated within the building and prevents them from being breathed in by the people inside. Within the ventilation system, there will be a series of filters, all designed to catch impurities as they come in and prevent them from entering the building. This means that you will see a significant reduction in odours, bacteria, dust, humidity and everyday pollutants.

Comply With Government Regulations

Believe it or not, there are laws and regulations surrounding ventilation, heating and cooling, especially in business settings. If your building does not meet the standards required by law then it could be considered dangerous by the government, and you could be shut down. All buildings and facilities managers should make themselves fully aware of the regulations and their responsibilities, and take appropriate action to ensure the buildings they look after come up to code.

Reduce The Temperature

Did you know that air conditioning isn’t the only way you can reduce the temperature of a room or building? When a lot of people are confined to a small space, as often are in industrial units, the air can become stuffy, leading to it feeling hot and uncomfortable. Not a great work environment! This isn’t helped by the body heat people give off making the space feel warmer than it is, and making it very obvious that there isn’t adequate ventilation in place. Ventilation helps to circulate fresh air into a space and removes stuffy, old air, creating a better atmosphere and reducing the temperature and relative humidity in a room.

Prevent Damp & Mould

Have you ever had a bathroom without a vent or a window? How quickly did you find mould and mildew building up in there? Damp and mould like dark, damp environments without ventilation, so if your buildings don’t have ventilation, you’re more likely to experience these problems. That likelihood goes up more if your business does something that generates heat or steam, like food production or even bookbinding. Even in the colder months when you want to keep the windows shut, proper ventilation allows for the free flow of air in your building and prevents mould from growing.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, good ventilation helps improve energy efficiency in your building by reducing the need to open windows for fresh air. This means that in colder months you won’t be letting hard-earned heat float out of the window in exchange for fresh air, or have to run the heating full blast to compensate for that lost heat. In today’s climate, any way to keep your energy bills down is a plus, and ventilation can do just that.

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