Adding anti corrosion inhibitor to the heating system is a vital part of the maintenance. The system’s inhibitor content needs to be checked and topped up regularly and after every work which includes even just partly draining the system. At this site the lack of this additive caused the boilers to trip out to fault. The strainers got scaled up, this blocked the flow of water. The boilers tripped to fault either because the lack off water pressure or overheating. As per the pictures the water in this system contains a lot of rust, lime scale and debris. This debris can be found all over the system and can cause extensive damage to pumps boilers and other assets. The repair or replacement of these is much more expensive then the preventive maintenance and topping up the system with the needed level of inhibitor.

This can happen to your system as well if it is not properly maintained. If you are concerned about this issue, contact us on one of our availabilities.