The System

An important part of the mechanical security system of the doors is the multi-point secure Bar Lock, which provides effective and reliable security to your home.
The multi-point secure Door Security System – copying the way of protection of castles from brute force attacks in the old times-works based on the method where the existing door is being mounted in the wall or rim from the inside.
This way the door is stabilized in 2-4 or even more positions, which will make breaking in impossible.


Multi-point secure bar locks, based on their positioning, can be:




Small double

Half double

Big double


What do they protect from?

The Door Security System multi-point mechanical door security system is a high quality product that has the relevant quality certificates.

This system offers protection against the following intrusion methods:

  • spanning
  • cylinder snapping
  • drilling
  • resonating, picking
  • kicking in
  • acid attack


Cylinder locks

When choosing the cylinder locks, we have to consider what extent of security we really need.
This depends on the function of our property.



Traditional locks don’t protect from kicking, spanning or forcing the doors.
Those simple locks will open easily with just a few kicks.
No matter what kind of lock it is, if the door can be opened by a simple kick, it’s like the lock is not even there.
The point of the multi-point secure Door Security System is that it is mounted into the wall so it will be stable enough to resist forcing.
It’s a cheaper version of a security door.

More locks on your door doesn’t necessarily mean more protection.
The plastic or wooden doors, with 5 locks are very popular. However, they are not too secure, plastic is easy to break, and the locks in the wooden doors crack easily. These are not secure doors!
Their security can be highly increased with the multi-point secure Door Security System.

It depends on the door.
For single doors a horizontal one is enough, if it fixes it enough, the door structure is stable and the walls are of good quality.
If the door is weak or thin, a horizontal multi-point secure Door Security System would be recommended.

Vertical multi-point secure bar locks are recommended when the horizontal one can’t be fitted for some reason, like a vertical window on the door.
The vertical lock is drilled in the sealing and the floor, therefore is better as makes the door more stable.

Cross multi-point secure bar locks are recommended for two-swing doors.
Two-swing doors are less stable, easier to force. That’s where the cross multi-point safety Door Security System comes handy as it stables the fix wing of the door, so it will become as stable as a single door.

Multi-point secure bar locks can be mounted properly or improperly.
If a multi-point secure barlock is broken, it is usually because of wrong installation.
We should never install them on our own; it should be done by professional fitters!
Even if the multi-point secure barlock is massive and of good quality, it can be broken if it’s not fitted properly.
It’s very important that we ask for proper installation.

It doesn’t require doing miracles, but precise planning and expertise is essential.
The fitter has a big responsibility in this part, and with proper attention to details he can make the door secure.

Multi-point secure barlocks that were not fitted properly will be broken, sooner or later.