I would like to formally thank Laszlo Daragics and his Team for providing me with his wealth of expertise, immediate response and invaluable skills of detection.
I am Angela Lyon of Orbital Chartered Surveyors, I offer both quantity surveying and building surveying in all areas in London to a diverse set of clients.
My client was a lady who was taking her 1st floor neighbour to court for continuous leaking into her ground floor flat.
I was providing an expert witness report based on the facts of my visit, photos and videos of the incidence from the owner.
But there was one component missing, a report of the condition of the boiler on the 1st floor. The owner on the first floor had confirmed that he had repaired the boiler several times and then replaced it.
I had requested the invoice regarding repair/purchase of a new boiler from the owner on the 1st floor but nothing transpired.
Not only did Laszlos team confirm that there was an ongoing leak, they confirmed that the boiler had not been renewed.
My client won her case and was awarded £40,000.00 she did not even need to go to court after my evidence was submitted.
From my client and myself, give a big thankyou to Laszlo and his team.